Thank you to the following sponsors who sponsored and supported our 2015 Mom and Me 5K event! It was a huge success and we are looking forward to giving back to the community and having a great year ahead of us!

Chris Insinger (Renaissance Financial) www.renaissancefinancial.com
Tim Reeder (NP Dodge) www.thegoodlifegroup.com
Jeff Hudkins (Metro 1st Mortgage) www.metro1stmortgage.com
Tyler Anderson (Larson Financial) www.LarsonFinancial.com
Jeff Riesberg (Allstate) www.allstateagencies.com/jeffr
Dustin West (Metro Credit Union) www.metrofcu.org
Alyssa Simon (Pinnacle Bank) www.pinnbank.com
Michael Rheiner (CBS Home) www.TheRheinerCrew.com
Kathy Lanphier (CBS Home) www.kathylanphier.cbshome.com
Michele Ringsdorf (Pulaski Bank) www.pulaskihomelending.com


Thank you to our Annual Sponsors who provide programming and support for our events held throughout the year. With your generosity, it is possible for us to hold such wonderful events for our HOAA members and spouses. 

Renaissance Financial



Chris Insinger is once again one of HOAA’s biggest supporters!  She is a financial advisors who sponsored HOAA’s first event of the year, the 2014 Welcome Brunch, as well as other events throughout the year including our annual Mom and Me 5K fundraiser.  Thanks to Chris and her team at Renaissance Financial, we are able to start the year off right, welcome incoming members new to Omaha while catching up with old friends who are returning for another year, and strengthen our bond at events throughout the year.  Many thanks to Renaissance Financial!

House Officer Association (HOA) at UNMC

We would not have a name without HOA, as we exist to provide a network of information and assistance for the partners and families of UNMC’s residents and fellows (who belong to HOA).  We provide support to HOA, understanding that a happy home makes a more content and productive house officer.  In return, HOA supports our activity throughout the year and we are so thankful!

Pinnacle Bank 


HOAA chooses Pinnacle Bank to handle all of the organization’s banking needs!  We are so thankful for Pinnacle Bank’s continued and long-standing support of our group.  Pinnacle supports our activity year-round, and thanks to them, we are able to organize fun and meaningful activities to provide support to our members.  Big thanks to Pinnacle Bank!

 Standard Insurance Company


Insurance, retirement, investments and advice – that is Standard!

 Metro 1st Mortgage


Thank you to Metro 1st Mortgage and its very own mortgage loan officer Jeff Hudkins for generously sponsoring HOAA’s events throughout the year.  Metro 1st Mortgage offers great opportunities for homebuyers so give Jeff a call – 402-552-7194.

Physician Advisors


Physician Advisors once again sponsored the successful medical marriages panel in the fall – big thank you Justin and Colin Nabity for a great night!  The event was all about life in medicine – as a start to the evening, Justin showed what Physician Advisors could offer to resident families through a special presentation specific to HOAA, with important take-home points to help ease financial stress at home.  This was a perfect warm up to the evening, which featured a wonderful panel of medical couples who gave insight and advice to our members about succeeding in marriage.  A great night thanks to a great sponsor!

Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group – NP Dodge


Jeff Cohn’s team, led by Veronica Meyer, is an HOAA supporter again this year!  We thank them for sponsoring the Freezer Pleasers event in March and for volunteering to organize and present a special interest group on buying/selling in February.  It is wonderful to have continued support through the years – this team has been willing and able to provide real estate advice to our members year and again.  And don’t forget – they have a complimentary moving truck to borrow when you work with them (ask them for details on how)!  Thank you again to the Cohn Team!


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to hold a meeting with us and our members please contact us today!