We are are non-profit group specifically designed for the significant other of residents and fellows. Formally known as the House Officers’ Association Alliance (HOAA), our purpose is to provide a support network to help you adapt and flourish during the years of residency and fellowship.

Throughout the year we enjoy a variety of activities that include dinners, game nights and book clubs. We also sponsor a popular playgroup which you are welcome to join regardless of how many children you have, if any. As members of HOAA we are dedicated to helping each other as well as those around us through our community service projects.

To become a member, please follow these steps:
1. Download and complete the PDF form below.
2. Mail your completed forms and attach membership payment.

Due Amounts are as follows:
$35 – Member Only
$30 – Early Bird Member Only (Paid by August 1st)

$45 – Member Plus Playgroup
$40 – Early Bird Member Plus Playgroup (Paid by August 1st)

Check Payable To:

House Officers Association Alliance

Click below on the link to download a PDF version.

PDF: Membership Form 2015